Budding companies often apply disparate applications to run various operational functions. However, the companies' need for a more comprehensive business system arises as they continue to grow and develop. The companies shift from focusing on short term acceleration goals to long term ones hence the need for a more enhanced integrated software system. This integrated software system comes with several advantages that assist the businesses to become more developed. 

Efficiency of Processes

Magento 2 ecommerce Software integration connects all functions of an organization, and it results in the efficiency of processes. The move also has an impact on workforce management since it releases the existing employees to handle other value-adding activities. Additionally, it also reduces the number of new hires. The integration makes key processes such as cash collection, financial consolidation and order management to become more efficient. The resultant deliverables of the new efficiency level include innovation and growth. 

Enhanced Visibility

When an organization uses disparate application, they have to also invest in time and other resources that the collection and tying of data requires. It means that these organizations do not operate in real time. Integrated software brings forth a real time access to data and it also facilitates a quick decision-making process. Additionally, the available data does not have errors since they are corrected immediately they become visible in real time and they become complete. Subsequently, the decisions that are based on integrated software data feature a high level of accuracy. 

Time and Costs Saving

Any arising need in business operations calls for the procurement and installation of a distinct application. This exercise gives rise to expenses of time and resources. When an organization uses an integrated software system, the said costs do not come up and a business manages to save quite a deal. The organization can then use the saved resources and time in other activities that improve its performance. 

Acceleration of Growth

Software integration results in unified management processes that improve the business performance. Additional sales channels and multiple areas of operations are some of the improvements that come from the integration. Additionally, the business manages to carry out up selling and cross selling more efficiently since it has a visible client base.  

Innovation that is User Driven

The integration gives rise to speedy process changes that foster innovation. The business users get more time to come up with functions and applications that match their needs. There is also more time for departments such as IT to come up with value-adding strategic initiatives. 


Given the said advantages, every organization should go for software integration for their business systems. This move enables an organization to operate in a fully-fledged manner since it will start focusing on long term acceleration goals. Additionally, the move enables an organization to improve its performance across the board. Learn how to use the Celigo SmartClient to connect to NetSuite Sandbox here!